Fat Pat’s serves traditional Texas-style BBQ in the heart of the Upper Midwest. Fat Pat’s started in 2017 in Spring Grove, MN but owner Patrick Longmire Jr. has been honing his BBQ skills for years. His smoking knowledge and skill was born and raised in the heart of BBQ country, U.S.A.—Texas.

Playing bass with Jon Wolfe at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX

How We Got Here

This story starts in Spring Grove, Minnesota. Young Patrick, son of the founder and owner of Red’s IGA, was bagging groceries and helping his dad process meat at the store while other kids were preparing for kindergarten. He went to school in Spring Grove, worked at the store and over the years he developed a taste in music. With a knack for bass guitar, Longmire Jr. headed south to Austin, Texas in 2010. After a few months in his new city, he was playing shows across the state, country and world.

Being in a country music band had many perks. One of them was eating BBQ at venues and festivals across the state. These places are where Patrick first experienced true Texas-Style barbecue—a style he began to mimic at home on his own smoker as often as possible. After several years of living in and traveling all around Texas, he felt drawn to spend more time at home with his young family and his growing passion for Texas BBQ.

After six years in Central Texas making music and smoked meat, Patrick decided it was time to take his favorite hobby and turn it into Fat Pat’s. You can find Fat Pat living and smoking meats with his wife and two young children in Spring Grove—the place where it all began.

About the BBQ

Central Texas barbeque is made up of simple ingredients and cooked over low heat for many hours. This process is necessary for bringing out all the great natural flavors of the meat.

At a typical Central Texas pit barbecue restaurant, the customer takes a cafeteria style tray and is served by a butcher who carves the meat by weight (the BBQ is usually sold by the pound). Side dishes and desserts are then picked up along the line with sliced white bread, pickles, sliced onions and jalapeno. The emphasis of Central Texas pit barbecue is on the meat. If sauce is available, it is usually considered a side dip for wetting purposes—so please, enjoy the meat, don’t drown it.

One more quick fact: Traditional Texas-style BBQ started in grocery stores and meat markets like Red’s IGA.

Our Mission

We do everything possible to serve you the incredible flavor of Texas-style BBQ and provide you with an experience that, until now, was 19 hours away.